Investment Optimizer

Interactively simulate the impact of R&D on revenues and profits by adjusting R&D investment levels in each of your divisions.   Any changes to a division’s investment and profitability will automatically update the Corporate total.   Simply adjust the R&D expense for any division by clicking and moving the R&D Expense slider.


The Corporate Rollup is not directly changeable, but automatically reflects all changes made to Divisions.
R&D Expense {{ newRandD | currency:"$":0 }} {{ deltaRandD | currency:"$":0 }} {{ deltaRandDPercentage }} %
Revenue {{ newGrossRevenue | currency:"$":0 }} {{ deltaGrossRevenue | currency:"$":0 }} {{ deltaGrossRevenuePercentage }} %
Operating Income {{ newNetIncome | currency:"$":0 }} {{ deltaNetIncome | currency:"$":0 }} {{ deltaNetIncomePercentage }} %

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