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            [text] => See how R&D Manager will transform your R&D investments.

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Gauge your current and historical R&D performance against rivals

Includes data from all US-listed companies

Updated quarterly

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Interactively simulate different spending levels

Identify the maximum profit scenarios

Immediate actionable feedback

) [3] => Array ( [show] => video [image] => [video] => [title] => Exploit Divisional Differences [text] =>

Drill down to see division-level performance

Optimize returns by targeting investment to highest performing divisions

Identify best practices within your company

) [4] => Array ( [show] => image [image] => [video] => [title] => Benchmark Your RQTM [text] =>

See how you stack up against peers

Identify industry best practices

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Quarterly benchmark surveys build competitive intelligence

Increase future returns to R&D by adopting practices associated with higher RQ

A 10% increase in RQ corresponds to a 4.3% increase in market value

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